Made in Italy

Made in Italy

For many years, bags Made in Italy carried a huge competitive advantage for brands and designers who manufactured in our country.

As a direct consequence, something produced in Italy always evoked Made-in-Italy quality. At the end of the 1990s, many companies decided to go for mass-production in China. A very sad time for many artisans, who found themselves facing an enemy which started small and then exploded: LOW PRICES.

Entire regions of Italy have become unlawful places and, as always, neither politics nor the law has helped Made-in-Italy.

People knew about the internet, but it has had a far greater impact and implications than anyone ever imagined.

Just as no one imagined that Made-in-Italy, the third strongest brand in the world, would gradually lose strength.

Why has Made-in-Italy production lost its value?

One of the main reasons is the prevailing regulatory framework, which clearly doesn't protect or promote anyone who decides to produce bags Made in Italy.

Another reason is cultural. We all got a bit too used to the idea that ultimately it's normal to manufacture abroad and focus a brand's message on price.

Finally, the problem is one of logistics and structure. Italian bureaucracy creates problems when developing new production endeavours and, above all, it doesn't provide financial benefits for anyone who decides to produce Made-in-Italy bags using legally established artisans.

All this means that people like you, who have decided to manufacture bags in Italy, with all the related problems and stress factors too often caused by intermediaries, are seen as crazy instead of heroic.

But I believe that people like you, who improve the world through the work they do, are heroes indeed.

For years, I've chosen to collaborate only with projects like yours, where the value of Made-in-Italy and the hands that produce it still have value and, above all, respect.

Can I make Made-in-Italy bags?

Yes, because I'm based in Naples, right in the heart of the Italian leather goods industry, in disrepute for its scandals and not celebrated enough for the good things.

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