Handbag production

How I work

"I've wasted time and money!"

... I've lost count of the number of times I've heard this phrase, especially during the first phone call with a potential customer.

Not everybody knows that the design phase is the key to the success of the product itself.

There are some initial steps which mustn't be ignored, but they are often overlooked. 

So production will falter, brand managers will be unhappy and, above all, professional and personal relationships will be destroyed

I analysed the various situations I've encountered over the years and I realised that products almost always fail for the same reasons, namely:

  1. Lack of precise ideas about the final product
  2. Quotations way off the mark, i.e. approximate and unreal production costs
  3. The presence of intermediaries who don't supervise production

You visit the factory to find out more about Who will be making your bags. 

You enter these large and noisy spaces: excitement starts to take hold of you.

Then the manufacturer takes you to into the factory offices.

Driven by an impatient urge to get your bag made, you start telling your contact about your design and your ideas.

While you speak, he hastily says something to a colleague, then his phone rings, he picks it up and silences the call. Huffing and puffing.

Finally he nods at what you're saying while gazing at a piece of cloth that's fallen from a trolley.

He doesn't answer all your questions, but you go to his office and he says "we can make your bag". Hooray!

At the same time, he presents you with the final price.

You quickly decide on the spot and without batting an eyelid you accept the costs.

Enthusiasm has completely overwhelmed you and you can't wait to have your bag in your hands.

The manufacturer asks you for a down payment to cover production and you hand it over.

From that moment, nothing. Days and days of silence.

But you have faith that your line of bags will be ready within a month, as you've been told.

Months go by. Two, then three, then six.

Now you're starting to think that maybe that incoming call that got silenced that day at the factory was from someone like you.

Someone who (simply) wanted news about their bags.

The months pass and your project starts to fall apart:

Your interested customers gradually disappear, your word of honour is becoming worthless. Just like your brand image.

You have the feeling all your sacrifices have been in vain, and it wasn't your fault. Or was it?

I've heard many such stories. More or less like the one I've told you here. And each time, they said they had made an error of judgement.

It's my opinion that frankness, the design and a continuous exchange of information between the designer/brand manager and the manufacturer form the basis for efficient and successful working relationships.

My approach to work leaves nothing to chance or approximation, with all the parties involved having full knowledge of all aspects of the project.

I've organised my working method in three stages:



The first step is an assessment; a preventive analysis to decide if it is possible to carry out your production or not.

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After the assessment stage, which is the first step of your production project, the Development stage begins:

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Do you already have a Pattern and Prototype for your bag and are you only interested in Production?

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