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Do I need the VAT number to let you create my bags?

I only work B2B (Business-to-business), so I do need the VAT number

If I send you a picture, can you tell me the cost of the bags production?

No, I need to know the project first. That’s why I’ll send you a survey with some questions. I can’t make estimates without developing the bag first. Take a look at MY WORKING METHOD.

Do you create also wallets and belts?

No, I only develop bags

Do you have ‘already done’ models?

No, I only work on the original drawing of the customer

Can I come to the factory to talk about my project?

My procedure is:

  • Fill in the form
  • You will receive the survey
  • Answer all the questions
  • We’ll make a call
  • If I am suitable for your project you’ll be welcome

Do you sell your products retail?

No, I am a contractor so I produce bags only for the customers. I haven’t my own bags