My Company

Our company is deeply-rooted in the history of Neapolitan leather goods traditions, which distinctive characteristic lies in its Knowledge and transmission.

Our carefully selected workforce has the know-how of master craftsmen, and the rare philosophy of doing things "with the heart", as well as with the hands.

We are Made in Italy artisans, who do not, and must not, ignore the inevitable Research for Quality.

In a global system, in which quantity demands are increasing and, consequently, also the rhythms of work which give birth to unsuitable products; we have chosen not to belong to the careless network, but to be promoters of Excellence. It is important for us to be authoritative professionals in our sector, but even more important is to represent the Neapolitan leather goods and the history that precedes it.

Our story

My parents' company was born in 1970, under the name of FAD.PEL

The character was that of a family-run business, with only 10 external workers.

Back then, the production processes were different: the machines were not automatic, so it was necessary to turn them on and start them manually.

Workers of those times, also had to learn to become specialised mechanics, since the need used to arise, from time to time, to repair some machinery that was stuck or simply faulty. In addition, many production processes were done by hand, without mechanical support: I remember the hours that my father used to spend cutting leather skins with his own hands.

A few years later the work increased to include 35 manufacturing workers; the work concerned exclusively the leather BAGS of our production, from the design to the creation of the final product. Those were important years of intense work; until the end of the 90s.

Yes, because then the dark days for Italian leather goods came, coinciding with the global opening of the Asian market: many companies closed, others drastically reduced the number of employees.

Even my parents had to face very hard years, with serious economic losses, almost to close the doors of the company. There were many privations and important sacrifices, but above all there were the Choices; Fad.Pel stopped the production of its products to become a Third-party and work, therefore, under commissions from other brands.

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