Who I work with

Made-in-Italy bag production

My work is aimed at brands and designers who want to produce Made-in-Italy bags, up to 500 pieces per month, without any minimum quantity restrictions.

I know your priorities and how confusing it's been looking for a reliable production solution.


Because I grew up in a factory setting and I've heard countless scary stories; I know how production works and the pitfalls:

  • Confusion about lead times and costs
  • Serious delivery delays
  • A lot of approximation regarding product details and finishes
  • Materials that don't match the ones you established

These are just some of the problems you've encountered before and may encounter again.

Choosing the right manufacturer isn't at all easy!

And that's why the first step of my work method is: getting to know each other.

Analysing your project and discussing the details means starting off on the right foot with a view to successful production.

The Work Approach I've developed in recent years is set to become the best professional channel for your project.


Building trust is the heart and soul of the entire production endeavour since it's not only about your project, but your life.

You can't blindly trust someone you don't know.

Such a risky act of faith could swamp your Time, jeopardising your money and the future of your brand.

That's why I start by providing information About Myself and about my Work.

If you're looking for a new network to produce your bags, or you want to expand one that's already operating, you've come to the right place.

Production requires precise and concrete steps involving study and analysis; indeed approximation is the biggest danger to the success of your production.

My priority is to make your bags without wasting your time or your money.


Because as a manufacturer, I've committed to stake my personal reputation as well as my professional skills on this business.

So if you're looking for:

  • Frankness
  • Professionalism
  • An effective work method
  • Made-in-Italy quality
  • Constant, constructive dialogue

My Work can help you and your dreams. How?